Anodizing is the electrochemical surface treatment process that creates corrosion protective layer on aluminum profiles and parts. The anodic layer protects the surface of aluminum against oxidation for decades. Also, anodizing process enables to produce different mechanical surface structures and chemical color shades. That is why anodizing not only a protection process but also it is a very important decorative application. Our customers can ask us for many pre-anodizing surface applications such as mechanical polishing, brushing for different effects and sand blasting. There are many quality parameters for good protection, Qualanod is the quality system that enforce the parameters for highest corrosion resistance and long-lasting color shade. The most common used color shades are matt (etched), yellow, bronze, light bronze, black and natural.We are proud of having anodizing process experts as a partner who can check all production steps and ensure perfect and sustainable quality as our full customer satisfaction policy.