Wood grain finishes can offer a serene healing environment to a building’s interior, with its biophilic design, by resembling the look and texture of natural wood. Biophilic design relies on naturally inspired practices and materials to help reconnect people with their surrounding environment. Studies have shown that a connection to nature can help improve cognitive function, creativity and well-being; reduce stress and expedite healing.

These aluminum architectural finishes not only resemble natural wood, they also can be thermally improved to support energy efficiency. Wood grain finishes can be applied to recycled aluminum and, at the end of their useful lifecycle as an architectural product, the aluminum can once more be recycled. Aluminum also is easy to fabricate, curve and bend – typically at a lower cost than real wood.

After installation, the finished aluminum products require minimal maintenance. Wood grain finishes for aluminum mimic the aesthetic of real wood without swelling, rotting, or warping. Scratch- and corrosion-resistant, these finishes provide durable protection from UV rays and are impervious to humidity and insects.

Suitable for both interior and exterior applications, these wood grain finishes are ideal for a variety of architectural components: canopies, trellis systems, handrails, fencing, interior and entry doors, interior wall panels, façade cladding systems, garage doors, shutters, column covers, window and door framing, mullions and decorative accents.