Composite panel products provide solutions in terms of facade cladding systems for the construction sector, and add value to living areas with design and production solutions for industrial and architectural interior – exterior claddings such as skyscrapers, special design architectural structures, airports etc. and other special applications such as billboards.

The panels produced with PVDF painted Aluminum Coil and a special resin which is chosen according to usage purpose. The most important type of Composite Panel is classified as “Difficult to Ignite” which is produced with Al(OH)3 as raw material. Composite Panel surfaces can be produced with many different colors, this feature adds architectural flexibility and a wide, versatile target industrial application opportunity.
Due to the fact that both plates of the Composite Panel are painted after an excellent pre-treatment processes, it has superior surface strength. For our products; lightness, aesthetic appearance, fast and easy installation, high sound and heat insulation, a wide variety of colors and flexible project applicability are the most obvious features. 
We are very proud that our products are environmentally friendly, all raw materials used for production of Composite Panels are recyclable.